Luke's notes


Hi! My name is Łukasz, you can also call me Luke.

I’m a software engineer with 11 years of professional experience, specializing in full-stack web and native mobile applications.

Programming skills

  • In the last few years I’ve been particularly up-to-date with PHP / Laravel, Ruby / Rails, TypeScript / React, CSS, and Swift / iOS.

  • In the past I also worked on projects in jQuery, Python, Django, PyQT, Obj-C / iOS, Kotlin / Android, C++ and C

What else I can do

  • Advise on choosing the optimal platform, tech stack, and architecture for your project

  • Review and advise on maintaining high quality of your code

  • Advise on setting up efficient development tools and processes

Professional interests

I’m always excited to learn about more efficient and elegant ways to build software:

  • I’d like to work with modern, functional-first programming languages, like Elixir and Closure

  • I have solid system-level skills in C / assembly. I’d like to expand them to Rust

Work with me

  • I’m located in the European Union (UTC+1), but I have several years of experience working with American clients, including my current one. I can overlap with 8-12 PST, and 8-15 EST, on a daily basis.

  • Working with me is easy - I’m self-employed, only need a consulting contract, and I can issue invoices. I don’t require any employee benefits or long-term commitments.

  • I prefer working for smaller companies, where I can make a meaningful impact